Data Security Podcast Episode 12 – Aug 04 2008

The Data Security Podcast is the place for 30 minutes of news every week on data security, privacy, and the law.

In this week’s episode: Interview with Paul Royal of Dambala, a new, open source approach to malware detection; Poor USB security might be the cause of a Countrywide Bank data breach; Court battle: GPS vs. Radar.

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Program Notes for Episode 12


1. Freelance reporter James Krause wrote this article about e-discovery challenges for international litigation. Lawyers are getting a headache because there’s a computer language barrier for documents created in languages that use symbols. (Chinese Japanese, Thai, Korean, and cyrillic

2. Two Black Hat Talks On Apple Security Canceled. Apple patch fails to address DNS flaw, say experts.

3. Should the government compete with the private sector for business? There’s a lawsuit heating up over high-speed network service between the city of Monticello Minnesota, and TDS Telecom.

3. DHS official defends HSIN Next Gen

4. The government has finally clarified Department of Homeland Security policy on laptop searches at airports and at the border. The DHS says it doesn’t need reasonable suspicion. There’s more in the Washington post.

Or you can read the policy for yourself.

Segment Notes:

1. Paul Royal, Dambala

Paul’s talk at BlackHat Briefings is on Wednesday, August 6th at 4:45 p.m. PT titled,
“Alternative Medicine: The Malware Analyst’s Blue Pill.” Following BlackHat and DefCon, we plan to post links for Paul’s talk and a related whitepaper in this space.

2. GPS and Radar

California teen Shaun Malone is using data from his GPS device to prove he wasn’t speeding.

But an attorney for the National Motorists Association says this is about more than police radar versus the GPS.
Tales From The Dark Web:

FBI: Flash drive used to steal Countrywide customer data


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