Data Security Podcast Episode 16 – Sept 02 2008

The Data Security Podcast is the place for 30 minutes of news every week on data security, privacy, and the law.

This weeks program: Cloud Computing is hot – but is it secure?  Plus, the latest security news.

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This week’s show is sponsored by DeviceLock

Program Notes for Episode 16


1.  Survey: IT staff would steal secrets if laid off

2. Improvements to smart card security...The company that sold millions of chips to the federal government for RFID passports has licensed technology that will make the products less vulnerable.

3.  Best Western CIO Scott Gibson On The Data Breach

4.  Scientists who research genetic predisposition to disease are now ready to use their technology to help law enforcement with identifying crime suspects.  Privacy implications? Oh yes.

5. Virus Infects Space Station Laptops (Again)


Pete Wood, Member of the ISACA Conference Committee and founder of First Base Technologies speaks with Ira about Cloud Computing Security.  Pete’s tips on creating strong passwords, as mentioned in this segment.


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