Data Security Podcast Episode 23 – Oct 21 2008

The Data Security Podcast is the place for 30 minutes of news every week on data security, privacy, and the law.

This weeks program: FBI Cyber Division sees a large increase in sophisticated attacks; Is anti-virus is almost useless? Plus, the latest data security news.

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This week’s show is sponsored by DeviceLock

Program Notes for Episode 23


Motorola Brick Cell Phone

Motorola Brick Cell Phone Turns 25 yrs old

1. The modern mobile phone turns 25 years old

2. Cellular botnets coming soon: Part of a multi-threat Georgia Tech Report on emerging attacks

3. IRS fails another internal (in)security audit

4. Will the UK require government IDs to buy pay-as-you-go cell phones?

Tales From The DarkWeb – The FBI Cyber Division sees a large increase in attacks against US businesses and government networks

Conversation: Randy Abrahms, with ESET Anti-Virus software challenges the claims at this year’s IT Security World show that anti-virus is almost useless.  Sandboxie, the free security program that Randy mentioned for isolating the web browser from the rest of the system.


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