Data Security Podcast Episode 28 – Nov 25 2008

The Data Security Podcast is the place for 30 minutes of news every week on data security, your privacy, and the law.

This weeks program: gets sued, are they committing fraud?; Internet activists take on phone spammers;  And, this week’s security news.

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Program Notes for Episode 28

Domain Registration Hijack

Domain Registration Hijack

From the news: Details on how members of the Dark Web could hijack YOUR domain if you use a popular email service.

From the news: ISACA Survey: Organizations fail to educate employees about risks from online shopping ; IBM Warning: Holidays To Bring Blizzard Of New Attacks on Consumers

Attention iPhone and iTouch users: You can now download this podcast directly to your device, and by-pass connecting it to a computer. Since this podcast is over 10mb, you can prep the download in 3G mode, but the download itself will need to happen in a Wi-Fi hotspot. If you listen to podcasts in your car, just make sure your WiFi signal can reach your car! Details on the Apple 2.2 upgrade at Ars Technica.

Conversation: Scott A. Kamber, a plaintiff’s attorney with Kamber Edelson, talks with Samantha about the implications of a new lawsuit against for deceptive practices. (BTW, we tried to contact for a response…they did not respond).

Conversation: Julie Forte founder of the anti-phone spam web sites and talks with Ira about fighting back against these scammers. Reports phone spammers to The Internet Crime Complaint Center: IC3.


3 Responses to “Data Security Podcast Episode 28 – Nov 25 2008”

  1. Ira made a comment about the story where the City of Boston tracking flu shots. Samantha said that according to the Boston Globe that officials said that the data was stored behind an “encrypted firewall”. Ira said that there was no such thing as an encrypted firewall and as far as I know he is correct. But there are firewalls that terminate VPN sessions and more than likely that is what was being referred to. The traffic travels over a VPN connection from the handhelds or more likely the remote PC/Server that the handhelds download the data to. Then the data is stored behind a firewall. I know that this is petty, but I felt that he was a bit rash in rushing to say that the people who made the comment either didn’t know what they were talking about or were lying. Chances are that it was neither, they just chose a poor term to try and make the public understand what they were doing. Just as Ira chose a poor term to describe their supposed level of competence.

  2. datasecurityblog Says:

    Good comments, Andy. The issue is that the City appears to have used a term that does not exist. The City should use accurate terms when trying to assure the public that data is secured.

  3. thanks for data security podcast episode

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