Data Security Podcast Episode 33 – Dec 30 2008

The Data Security Podcast is the place for 30 minutes of news every week on data security, privacy, and the law.

This weeks program: Payroll and card processor data breach – a new trend? Exclusive interview with the developer anti-theft and data recovery program for the Blackberry .  Plus, the latest data security news.

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This week’s show is sponsored by The Engate Hosted eMail Security System.

Program Notes for Episode 33:

Integrity Attack on Traffic Enforcement Cameras

Integrity Attack on Traffic Enforcement Cameras

From the Data Security News

Traffic Enforcement Cameras:  Teen hackers are attacking an integrity vulnerability in traffic enforcement cameras in Maryland, to the detriment of innocent car owners.  The teens create a fake license plate, tape it over a real plate, and then drive in a manner that triggers the traffic enforcement cameras.

In a related story, many of these cameras focus on the driver’s side of the car… here is another integrity attack using a right hand drive Audi. The owner has placed a Muppet in the left front seat of a right hand drive car (see photo above) and has obfuscated the plate number. At least in his case, tickets are not going to other drivers, as they are in the Maryland attack.

The BBC has been covering the exploits of a new generation of teen hackers. These hackers don’t seem to realize that their exploits (both digital and in RL) cause innocent people the loss of life savings. Take a look at this informative BBC News video on how teen hackers are using social media sites.

Tales From The Dark Web: RBS WorldPay Breach Rings Alarm Bells About Acquirer Security, read the details

EXCLUSIVE: Ira talks with Dan Shipper the Founder of Convenience Software about their newest anti-theft and data recovery program for the BlackBerry – Get It Back. The application has some interesting and useful features, like using GPS to locate the device, making the device play a message like,”This BlackBerry has been stolen,” and the ability to withstand a SIM chip swap. The software still needs some improvement. For example, there is no secured log-on for the web administration control panel. As with all security software: Caveat emptor.


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