Data Security Podcast Episode 37 – Jan 26 2009

The Data Security Podcast is the place for 30 minutes of news every week on data security, privacy, and the law.

This weeks program: Heartland Processing breach impacts over 100 million, what went wrong? Two new MAC threats. And, this week’s news.

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This week’s show is sponsored by The Engate Hosted eMail Security System.

Program Notes for Episode 37

-From The News: Medial ID Theft Final Report, part of Congress’ new efforts to appropriate funds for Federally-mandated, centralized electronic medical records.

-From The News: In a story related to our coverage of the Conficker worm, and the Congressional medical data base story, The Register is reporting, “Conficker seizes city’s hospital network.” Comment from Ira: “This story illustrates that Conficker is exposing much larger security issues on corporate networks, as I discussed in last week’s conversation I had with Randy Abrams, of ESET Anti-Virus.”  See Data Security Podcast Eposide 36 for that conversation.

– Tales From The Dark Web: Ira speaks with David Hoelzer, about the 100 million credit card breach at Hearthland Processing. Heartland claims they are PCI-DSS compliant. So, how can this happen? Read David’s blog posting on the topic at the IT and Security Auditing Resources from the SANS Institute.

-MAC Attacks:  New MAC attacks that are harder to uncover.


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  1. […] Interviewed Regarding PCI & Heartland Payment Systems Ira Victor of Data Clone Labs interviews David Hoelzer regarding the recent Heartland Payment Systems breach (that we blogged about […]

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