Data Security Podcast Episode 39 – Feb 9 2009

The Data Security Podcast is the place for 30 minutes of news every week on data security, privacy, and the law.

This weeks program:  Using DNS to neuter Conficker/Downadup; A new, free VPN helps secure RDP and wireless; Evil traffic “cops” give tickets with malware; And, this week’s news.

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This week’s show is sponsored by The Engate Hosted eMail Security System. Tell them you heard about them on the Data Security Podcast and get 50% off their service. Offer good until March 31st, 2009. Tales from The Dark Web Sponsored by DeviceLock Removable Media Security Software.

Program Notes for Episode 39

-From The News: blogger Rafeal Rivera scores a victory in the battle to lock down UAC

-From The News: Consumer Electronics Company Agrees to Settle Data Security Charges; Breach Compromised Data of Hundreds of Consumers

Evil parking cops spread malware

Evil parking "cops" spread malware

– Tales From The Dark Web: Malware attacks via fake parking tickets.

– Tales From The Dark Web: OpenDNS will block outbound botnet connections to the Conficker/Downadup master. Blocking will work with free unregistered and free registered users.  You can set your computer’s DNS settings, or your router/firewall/UTM DNS settings to these IP addresses to start using OpenDNS right away: , and

– Conversation: Ira Victor speaks with Egeman Tas, the Senior Research Scientist with Comodo Security, about a free VPN application he is working on. This app is a peer to peer application to make VPNs easy, and yes, free. If you are using RDP, WiFi in a public hot spot, or other relevant applications, you need to use a VPN. The software is still in Beta. It’s only for Windows at this time, but Egeman reports that a MAC and LINUX version is in the works.

-Wrap Up: Congressman Twitters an Iraq Security Breach, revealing details of his location in Iraq . Hoekstra’s spokesman Dave Yonkman, said, “We never agreed to anything as far as not discussing it (beforehand) or during…Congressman Hoekstra believes in giving people in West Michigan as much information as possible.”


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