Data Security Podcast Episode 40 – Feb 16 2009

The Data Security Podcast is the place for 30 minutes of news every week on data security, privacy, and the law.

This weeks program: Data leaks at Google Calendar? Are so-called smart electric meters a 4th Amendment violation? Plus, this week’s news.

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The Show Notes Page for Episode 40

-From The News: Are RFID-enabled Passport PASSCards, and Enhanced Driver’s Licences vulnerable to war driving attacks that threaten personal information? Chris Paget, RSA, students at MIT, Washington Universtity, and many others have reasearched the vulnerabilities in most deployments of RFID. Here is a video of Chris’ $250 “war driving” for PASSCard RFID Passport cards issued by the United States:

-From The News: Meta Data Exposed…read the AP story about the lawsuit.

-From The News: Virut reverse engineering by Nicolas Brulez,  of Websense Security Labs

– Tales From The Dark Web: Google Calendar suffers data ‘leak’

– Conversation: Samantha talks with USC Law Professor Jack Lerner about demand response untility metering, and why law enforcement (and criminals) might be interested in your electric enerty usage. Read more in this Stanford Technology Law Review Article, mentioned in the show.
CLARIFICATION:   Professor Lerner notes that demand response is a very promising technology and that the California Energy Commission and California Public Utilities Commission have engaged in fact finding related to the privacy and security implications of demand response technology.  In addition to the article we referenced in this program, which Professor Lerner wrote with Professor Deirdre Mulligan, Professors Lerner and Mulligan contributed to a study prepared for the California Energy Commission’s Public Interest Energy Research Group titled “Network Security Architecture for Demand Response/Sensor Networks.”

– Wrap Up: Get this… Microsoft is offering a $250,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for the Conficker worm. Hey, Microsoft, how about telling us HOW and WHO to contact with the information, because you didn’t include THAT info in the press release, and we can’t find it anywhere on the web, or on your site!


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