Data Security Podcast Episode 43 – Mar 09 2009

The Data Security Podcast is the place for 30 minutes of news every week on data security, privacy, and the law.

This weeks program:  ex-White House InfoSec Chief Howard Schmidt on NSA controling cybersecurity; Web2.0 security with “GenWhy?”;  And the week’s news.

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The Show Notes Page for Episode 43 of The Data Security Podcast

-From The News: Howard Schmidt, ex-White House Security Chief,  Comments on Sudden Resignation of  Homeland Security’s National Cybersecurity Center Director

-From The News: Congress tries once again to keep children safe…And keep everybody else busy “helping” the police, with a proposal for expensive and time-consuming record-keeping requirements

-From The News: Faulty electronic record-keeping is not just a legal issue. For elected officials, it’s also becoming a tool in the hands of political opponents, as former Missouri Governor Matt Blunt knows. Read more on the story.

-Tales From The Dark Web:Security lab F-secure reports a thriving commercial center for the Dark Web on YouTube. Below is a screen shot of  logins belonging to bank customers from all over the world.  And F-Secure points out that YouTube offers no way to report these videos as what they actually are… Commercial messages for lawbreakers.   Read the posting at F-Secure, or click on the screen shot below to be taken to the posting.

Dark Web uses YouTube to advertise

Dark Web uses YouTube to advertise

– Conversation: Ira Victor talks with Roger MacBride Allen, Co-author of Mr. Lincoln’s High-Tech War

-Wrap Up: Ira talked with Roger Thorton, Founder and CTO of infosec firm Fortify. When Ira was talking with Roger, and others within earshot at the InfoSec World Conference, about Web2.0 security, this Daily Show segment about Twitter was mentioned, and Ira promised to post the line.

-CORRECTIONS: Ira mispoke in his reports from the floor of InfoSec World in Orlando Florida. US-CERT is the United States Computer Emergency Rediness Team. Howard Schmidt has over 40 yeears of combined security experience, in and out of the government. The panel on Web2.0 security and generational challenges was lead by Dr. Linda Gravett. The Data Security Podcast, and Ira Victor, apologize for the errors.


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