RSA_SF09 Dispatch: Best Security Swag for the Next 15 minutes

I just took a pre-opening tour of the RSA Expo area. A lot of vendors are still setting up. Google has a very large booth, although I could not figure out what they were selling. Hopefully some privacy mojo will rub off from the participants, but I wouldn’t take a wager on that bet.

PhoneFactor is in the expo area. They offer a service that allows a cell phone to act a second factor for authentication. I award their PhoneFactor’s security cradle as the Best Security Swag, for the next 15 minutes. Earlier, I posted on Twitter, that it was the best of the day, but since the expo has not started, I will hold judgement until I see other booths.

Here is a pic of the Phone Factor Security Cradle, taken with a Blackberry Smartphone:

PhoneFactor Secure Cradle

PhoneFactor Secure Cradle


One Response to “RSA_SF09 Dispatch: Best Security Swag for the Next 15 minutes”

  1. […] Before the show even started, Ira Victor, co-host of the weekly Data Security Podcast, named PhoneFactor’s Security Cradle the Best Security Swag of the RSA Conference (at least for a while). No other tchotchkes seemed to displace PhoneFactor, so we’ll claim the title. Read all about it at:… […]

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