Data Security Podcast Episode 51 – May 04 2009

The Data Security Podcast is the place for 30 minutes of news every week on data security, privacy, and the law.

This weeks program – Swing Flu IT Security Tactics; A work around for the latest Adobe PDF Zero-day; And, our take on this week’s news.

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This week’s show is sponsored by Vipre Anti-Virus, the complete Antimalware solution by Sunbelt Software. If you TRY the enterprise version, you get the home version for FREE! Go to: .

The Show Notes Page for Episode 51 of The Data Security Podcast

-From The News: FTC delays full enforcement of it’s Red Flag Rules

-From The News: WRAL Report, Mom says Patriot Act stripped son of due process

-From the News: A fresh attack against Twitter.

-> Tales From The Dark Web: Another Adobe PDF Zero-Day

-> Ira has a conversation with Ed Cohen, VP, Corporate Development at SonicWall on IT Security planning in the event of a second wave of Swind Flu. SonicWall offers an ebook on the top trends in teleworking, and a white paper on the cost savings from teleworking.

-> Wrap-up: Ira enjoyed using the Bracktron Grip-It to hold his smartphone and listen to podcasts and other internet content when he drove from Nevada to the RSA Security Conference in San Francisco. Ira reports that it is highly adjustable, so it can accommodate a variety of devices. The Grip-It keeps devices hands free, and at eye-level. No drilling required, and it can be removed from the dash when parking to help keep away interested theives. He reports that it was stable at highway speeds, and in the sweeepers.

Bracketron Grip-It vent mount for smartphones, MP3 players, and GPS devices

Bracketron Grip-It vent mount for smartphones, MP3 players, and GPS devices


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