Data Security Podcast Episode 57 – June 15 2009

30 minutes each week on data security, privacy, and the law…. (plus or minus five)

On this week’s program:

  • Is Al-Qaida getting funding by stealing minutes from business phone systems?
  • $10,000 was paid out to the security researchers that uncovered the flaws in StrongWebMail. Could your email be vulnerable to that same attack?  A conversation with  StrongWebMail’s top executive.
  • EXCLUSIVE – New proof of concept browser sniffer hack that does NOT use scripting attacks.
  • Plus, our take on this week’s news.
  • More details and links in the show notes section below the audio listening instructions.

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This week’s show is 32 minutes long

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This week’s show is sponsored in part by Vipre Anti-Virus, the complete Antimalware solution by Sunbelt Software.  If you TRY the enterprise version, you get the home version for FREE! Go to: . Also sponsored by  DeviceLock Removable Media Security Software.

Show Notes for Episode 57 of the Data Security Podcast

  • Ira has a conversation with Darren Berkovitz, COO of and, about why he offered $10,000 to anyone who could break into the StrongWebMail system.
  • Tales From The Dark Web: The US Justice Department files indictments against three suspected terror suspects. They are charged with stealing business phone minutes, illegally re-selling those minutes, and using the proceeds to fund Al-Qaida terror activities.
  • From The News: EXCLUSIVE TO THE DATA SECURITY PODCAST, Brendon Boshell a web developer has created a unique remote browser sniffer that does NOT use the highly common, and easily blocked, scripting attacks. This is his proof of concept, but his site only explains part of the approach. We explain more in the show.
  • From The News: Hawaii sends woman to jail for using her medical records access to post HIV-AIDS patient’s medical information on MySpace.
  • From The News: The Las Vegas Review Journal got a visit from the Feds after publishing this story … with a subpeona demanding the identities of newspaper readers who posted comments.

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