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Data Security Podcast Episode 55 – June 01 2009

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The Data Security Podcast is the place for 30 minutes of news every week on data security, privacy, and the law.

This weeks program – Polymorphic drive-by download attack targets tens of thousands of legit business and government web sites. SSL can be used for good or evil, find out how to tell the difference. And, our take on this week’s news.

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The Show Notes Page for this week’s The Data Security Podcast

–> Ira has a conversation with Dan Proch, with Netronome about SSL security. Secure Socket Layer can be used for good or evil. We talk about how to detect the difference. Learn more with white papers and webinars by Netronome.

–> Tales From The Dark Web: Polymorphic drive-by download attack targets the visitors of tens of thousands of legit business and government web sites. The attack is slipping past AV, and exploits desktop vulnerabilities. Read more about it in the Websense blog posting, and a article at .

–> From The News: Dutch Researchers expose potential vulnerabilities in NXP MIFARE RFID Smart Cards. Billions of these cards are in use for transit fares and building access control. Here is an excellent proof of concept video of how to attack these systems:

–> From The News:  Read  Maribel Lopez detailed report comparing the security of Blackberry, iPhone and Windows Mobile .

–> From The News: The White House is planning major cyber security intervention. Here is official video on the topic from the White House: