Data Security Podcast Episode 60 – July 06 2009

30 minutes each week on data security, privacy, and the law…. (plus or minus five)

On this week’s program:

  • Tracking stolen laptops uncovers some frightening evidence.
  • Was the exposure of Governor Mark Sanford’s mistress a result of poor email security?
  • Our take on this week’s news.

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This week’s show is 31 minutes long

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This week’s show is sponsored in part by Vipre Anti-Virus, the complete Antimalware solution by Sunbelt Software.  If you TRY the enterprise version, you get the home version for FREE! Go to: . Also sponsored by  DeviceLock Removable Media Security Software.

Show Notes for Episode 60 of the Data Security Podcast

  • Conversation:  Did poor data security play a role in the disclosure of South Carolina Governor Mark Sandford’s mistress in Argentina? Ira talks with David Setzer at Mailprotector. David’s blog entry on the Sanford email issues.
  • Tales From The Dark Web:  Firmware level laptop tracking software installed on systems before the theft leads law enforcement to ID theft ring in North Carolina.

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