Labor Day Program Note – Data Security Podcast

The Data Security Podcast is taking Labor Day off….we are working on these stories for next week’s program:

* Brian Mastenbrook’s excellent blog posting,  How I cross-site scripted Twitter in 15 minutes, and why you shouldn’t store important data on 37signals’ applications

I talked to Brian, and we will advance the story he tells  on web application security,  and the difficulty in reporting vulnerabilities to site managers/owners.

Here is a link to Brian’s Posting, and a link to the Report Security Flaws project.

* Apple’s Snow Leopard release DOWNGRADES users to an older version of Adobe software…a version that contains known vulnerabilities.  Will Apple release a general update that will fix this issue, or will it shift the burden to the end user to discover their new OS has a significant security hazard?

In the meantime, follow update to date stories on Ira Victor’s Twitter feed, including a new ZeroDay on IIS…go to :

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