Obama: $3.4B Toward ‘Smart’ Power Grid – What About Smart Security and Privacy for The Grid?

President Obama is annoucing $3.4b in stimulus monies for the “Smart” Power Grid today (see story here).

But, here is part of the story that is not getting much, if any, coverage: What are the security and privacy issues in deploying the Smart Grid and Smart Meters?

While I am not an expert on energy, I am knowledgable on the data security and privacy issues on this topic. This is an issue that could literally impact every citizen and business in the US, and impact the very foundation of the economy.

There are advanced technologies that could truly help secure the delivery of power. There are rules that can be put into place to help protect privacy. But, these items do not appear to be on the agenda today, and get little attention in day-to-day coverage.

Early deployments of the Smart Grid and Smart Meters have not made security and privacy a priority, much beyond lip service.

There will be some very negative outcomes for this program if  security and privacy are not truly “baked in” at the beginning of this next wave of deployments.

Written By: Ira Victor, GIAC G17799 GCFA GPCI GSEC   ISACA CGEIT


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