Special Security Geek Edition: Interview with Marsh Ray, Discoverer of SSL Flaw

For Thursday November 5th, we depart from our regular format for those with an advanced understanding of information security technologies. This episode is a one-topic special edition, providing coverage of a major man-in-the-middle flaw discovered in the SSL protocol (see, we told you it was for security geeks).

We will return to our regular format of the latest news on data security, privacy, and the law with Episode 78.  Episode 78 is scheduled to post Sunday night /Monday morning, November 8th, 2009 at ~12.01am Greenwich Mean Time. That is our regularly scheduled show posting time.

On Episode 77:  Conversation with Marsh Ray, discoverer of the new SSL flaw

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Show Notes for Episode 77 of the Data Security Podcast

Breaking news with an extended interview with Marsh Ray,  Senior Software Developer and Engineer with multi-factor security company PhoneFactor.

SSL lock engaged, but is the connection secure?

SSL lock engaged, but is the connection secure?

Marsh Ray discovered a major security flaw in the SSL protocol.   SSL is the most widely used encryption protocol on the internet.

Marsh Ray keeps a blog at extendedsubset.com.  He works for PhoneFactor, where you can read more about this vulnerability in SSL.


2 Responses to “Special Security Geek Edition: Interview with Marsh Ray, Discoverer of SSL Flaw”

  1. […] to an interview featuring Marsh Ray (one of the […]

  2. leanne (smart) diedricks Says:

    I was a bride’s maid in Marsh and Addey’s wedding many years ago. I was proud of them then and I am proud now. What an incredible discovery! I can’t even fathom the intellegence of his find. All I can say is WOW.

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