Show Notes: The CyberJungle Episodes 103 and 102 Jan 12 2010

Two episodes this week: Episode 103 is a podcast version of the live radio program.

Episode 102 is our ‘su root’ podcast, in-depth technical interviews for the more advanced listener.

Overview of this week’s program.  More detailed notes and links provided below under “show notes.”

*Episode 103 the broadcast- Breaking News:  Do airport checkpoint whole body scanners have logging and auditing to enforce security and privacy policies?  We’re not sure after talking with a representative of one of the companies that makes the machines.  Seems the TSA may not have included an audit function in its specifications.   And, our guest tells us what happened to the “puffer machine” that would have detected the underwear bomber’s chemical payload on Christmas Day.

We also talked with an attorney from EPIC, the organization that sought and won the TSA specification documents revealing that body scanning machines are indeed capable of retaining and transmitting the naked images of the passengers they scan. This is NOT what TSA told the American public.

*Episode 102 (the su root interiews… requires above-average technology background). Click fraud is running rampant… ripping off internet advertisers. A new, more serious attack that not only steals credit for click-through purchases, but hijack’s the end user’s computer. This is a must-listen for marketing, security, and legal personnel. Discussion on the live show, with the full interview online.

*Episode 102 (the su root interviews…requires above-average technology background.) A new user credential – your cell phone calls you for a voice print… and then lets you into your email, bank account, authorizes credit card purchases or VPN remote access. Great idea? We have an exclusive audio interview with the co-founder of the company.

–> Listen This Week’s Show through our Main Site

Show Notes for Episode 103 of the CyberJungle

*ZeroDay Flaw in some versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer (MSIE) web browser.  Microsoft’s TechNet site has posted detailed information about the flaw. If you have not checked your MSIE browser version, do it now. Launch MSIE, find the Help Icon (usually the far right menu/icon, depending on the version of MSIE you are running), and select About Internet Explorer. If you are not running MSIE verson 8, you need to update your browser. Read more here. Update your browser to MSIE 8 here.

* People around the world are searching the web for the latest updates on Haiti earthquake. Members of the Dark Web use major events like this to spread their malicious code. Read more on this attack at the WebSense Security site. Ira mentioned the Google Trends site, a site that tracks hot topics on The Web.

* Samantha had a conversation with Ginger McCall, Esq., with the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC). They talked  about the DHS airport body scanners, and a Freedom of Information lawsuit by EPIC. Read more at this EPIC-sponsored site.

* Samantha and Ira had a conversation Brook Miller, VP with Smiths Detection, the makers of “the puffer” machine, and the whole body scanners.

* Samantha had a conversation with Dr. Kerry Kerry Nemovicher, Ph.D. about “The Human Firewall” event by  InfraGard. This event takes place on Thursday, Jan 21st at Boomtown Casino, in Reno Nevada. This lunch event runs from 11.15am to 1.15pm. $15 donation when you reserve your ticket by Monday at 9:00am, $20 at the door.

Show Notes for Episode 102 of The CyberJungle, an ‘su root’ program, in-depth technical interviews and analysis

*Ira has a conversation with Dr. Ben Edelman, from the Harvard Business School, about a new type of online advertising “click fraud” that takes over customer’s computers. Read more on Dr. Edelman’s site. On the main site you can listen to the full, detailed, and technical conversation. Look for the “su root” podcast (Episode 102) on the main site,

* Ira has a conversation with Steven Dispensa, CTO and co-founder of PhoneTrust, about voice print authentication. On the main site you can listen to the full, detailed, and technical conversation. Look for the “su root” podcast (Episode 102) on the main site,


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