Episodes 116 and 117 – March 7, 2010

The CyberJungle episode 117 is a special RSA Security Conference coverage. It includes an interview with Juan Santana, the CEO of Panda Security on the take down of the Mariposa Botnet. This botnet impacted people in just about every county in the world, and stole in part, bank credentials. Ira mentioned Christopher Brown’s forensics book, Computer Evidence: Collection & Preservation.

In “Tales from the Dark Web” we explore how cybercrime gangs recruit and use money mules to move cash after they’ve stolen it out of bank accounts.  Bank of America Senior Vice President David Shroyer.

We attended a Cloud Security Alliance Security Summit at RSA, where we discovered  the CloudAudit.org.

The CyberJungle full episode 117 can be downloaded from the listening options page, or streamed here:

Plus, as our “su root” edition this week, we have posted an interview on the incident response related to the Mariposa Botnet with Pedro Bustamante from Panda Security. We caught up with him at the RSA Security Conference.

We spoke with Gerry Brown and Christopher Brown on forensics and evidence collection for electric smart grid attacks. The su root interview is always longer and more technically sophisticated than the podcast versions, which have been edited for radio.

This su root episode (#116) of The CyberJungle can be downloaded from the listening options page, or streamed here:


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