Episode 118 and 119 – March 14, 2010

Episode 118 is the ‘su root’ episode,  our unedited interview with Joe Weiss, author of the forthcoming book, “Protecting Industrial Control Systems from Electronic Threats.” Joe says there’s a  lack of trained personnel to manage system controls in the Smart Grid, and indeed in the entire insdustrial infrastructure.  The results of this understanding gap could be catastrophic. The full-length interview is 24 minutes.

Episode 119 is the weekly podcast of The CyberJungle. Listen by clicking below. This week’s show is 69 minutes long.

Here are the shownotes:

Met Matt Carpenter at RSA. He works as a consultant for InGuardians and specializes in penetration testing for electrical utilities. Pen testing is a complex process of thinking like an attacker, and then simulating what an attacker would do. Matt was a panelist in a number of smart grid sessions, and he brought up some alarming scenarios that highlight the possible hazards of the electrical smart. The interview is about 21 minutes into the show.

This week’s news:

TSA agent injects terrorist watchlist server with destructive code after being given termination notice. He’s been indicted by a federal grand jury on two violations of the Computer Fraud and Abuse act. And he’s out on bail. (We question the wisdom of letting an employee know in advance that he’ll be fired, and then giving him two weeks’ access to systems affecting national security.)

EFF files PUC guidelines for smart meter privacy, as California rolls out the program. Read the comments as they were filed. (Read the 49-page legal document, PDF)

Father and Son Plead Guilty to Selling Counterfeit Software Worth $1 Million.  Why this matters: Malware hidden in the software, you gave permission for the malware to be installed! If the sales are traced back to you, you have to delete the software, and buy it again. You can’t keep car!

How Microsoft’s URL reputation system works: [from windowsteamblog.com]


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