March 20, 2010 – Episode 121

Episode 121 is 70 minutes long. Our interview segment is a major highlight- not to be missed! Patrick Peterson, Cisco Fellow, explains how modern web attacks work, amd why anti-virus and firewalls are failing. The interview is about ten minutes long, and it starts about 22 minutes into the show. You may go to listening options to download the program or find other options to hear the program; or you may stream the program using the flash player below:

Our Take on This Week’s News:

MySpace user data is offered for sale on This lengthy blog post on ReadWriteWeb contemplates the state of “big data.”  PC world reports it, too.

Annual report from the internet crime complaint center (IC3) was released this week. The FBI’s cybercrime investigation unit – which was launched in 2000 — reports that complaints were up 22 percent in 2009 over 2008… and that the loss from all cases referred was more than half a billion dollars… descriptions of top scams start on page 13 of the report.

Madoff’s computer programmers indicted.

Ponemon Institute study on the level of trust in the banks by commercial customesr. A wakeup call to the banking industry: Get serious about Zeus or you customers will walk.

CanSecWest (Canadian Security conference) starts Wednesday: Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 8 will be easily penetrated in the Pwn2Own hacking challenge.

Plus Chmapion hacker Charlie Miller says he has 20 vulnerabilites to bring down Apple Safari browser on Mac OS X.

Hancock Fabrics – Bad guys swap PIN pads at cashier desks. Here’s a letter from the President and CEO of the stores:

Vodafone distributes Mariposa botnet attack.

Remember the former auto dealership employee who hacked the remote communication system and started disabling customer vehicles?   We interview executives from the company that makes the system,  Pay Technologies.  Jim Kreuger and David Ronisky are the co-founders.

Teen hacks code for Walmart public address system, makes racially charged announcement to customers.


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