Episode 126 and 127 – April 10, 2010

Interviews:  Peter Schlampp, VP of Marketing and New Products, from Solera Networks, who discussed a new approach to uncovering the source of attacks:  network forensics.  Stuart Staniford Chief Scientist from FireEye, who discussed research to help counter the attacks that bypass firewalls and antivirus.  And world famous white-hat hacker Charlie Miller talks with us about Apple Security, how he won the CanSec West PWNtoOwn contest… and the security implications of Apple’s announcement about location-aware advertising, and  multitasking on the iPhone OS 4 platform. Dr. Miller is also a researcher at Security Evaluators. The full show can be streamed with via the Flash player here:

Download the Episode 127 MP3 file here or visit the Listening Options page for more ways to hear the program.

Episode 126 is the su root version of The CyberJungle.  It features only these three unedited versions of the interviews with these three men. We have also featured partial versions of the interview along with all the other regular content  in the full version of the show. Listen via the Flash player here:

Download the Episode 126 MP3 file here or visit the Listening Options page for more ways to hear the program.

Our Take on This Week’s News

Class action suit against Countrywide Financial: Plaintiffs ask $20 million after Countrywide employee stole and sold tens of thousands (or millions?) of customer records.

Another inside job: Bank of America Employee Charged With Planting Malware on ATMs.

German Government Pays Hacker For Stolen Bank Account Data Gov pays cybercriminals for data stolen from banks in tax haven countries, and uses the info to catch tax cheats.

Computer Hacker Sentenced to 37 Months in Prison in Manhattan Federal Court for Scheme to Steal and Launder Money from Brokerage Accounts.  This guy got three years for perpetrating something that sounds like the Zeus attack… in addition to credit card fraud and other counts.  No wonder cybercrime is proliferating.

Phishing Attacks on Taxpayers Rise in the Weeks Leading up to April 15th IRS Tax Filing. Sonic wall offers an online quiz to test your phishing IQ.  Ten questions. It’s actually harder than you think, but it’s fun. We recommend you give this quiz to employees, bosses, family… anyone who might benefit from learning the difference between legitimate email and a phishing attack.

Looking for Tiger Woods’ Nike advert could lead to users  into visiting malicious sites.

Sierra Nevada Infragard announcement:

InfraGard Sierra Nevada April Lunch Event

KEYNOTER: Stuart Staniford, Chief Scientist with security firm FireEye has a long history in the intrusion detection field, starting in the research arena at UC Davis back in 1994. He was conducting a variety of research projects with government contractor Silicon Defense before joining FireEye.

WHERE: The Washoe County Regional Public Safety Training Center, 5190 Spectrum Blvd. Room 105, in Reno, Nevada.

WHEN: Thursday, April 15, 2010; 11:15am-1PM, includes lunch

DONATION: $10 for InfraGard members with advanced purchase before April 13th, 2010;

$15 at the door and for non-members.

To register for the Infragard lunch event, please follow this link

If you heard Ira Victor live on The John Sanchez Show (the live program that follows The CybeJungle on KKOH.com), Ira mentioned the web site to report phishing and other scams:


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