May 1, 2010- Episode 133

Interview segment:

Jon Pironti, President of IP Architects, LLC,  talks with us about risk management for businesses. Ira met John at the Interop Business Technology Conference in Las Vegas, where John presented a session on developing an information risk management and security strategy.  The interview 9s 12 minutes long, and it starts about 22 minutes into Episode 133.  The standalone interview is also posted on our conference notes page.

You may listen to to Episode 133 on via the flash player:

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Our take on this week’s news

Former city of San Francisco network engineer convicted of computer tampering for locking city officials out of the network when he got wind of impending layoffs.

Microsoft issues work-around, advice for SharePoint zero-day attack.

Sarah Palin’s email hacker convicted. The following account is from WBIR in Knoxville, TN.  Ira has his own detailed version, as he kept close track of the initial events that led to David Kernell’s arrest. Ira’s account starts about 45 minutes into episode 133

A federal jury found former UT student David Kernell guilty of obstruction of justice and unauthorized access in the breach of Sarah Palin’s e-mail. It happened in September 2008, when Palin was running for U.S. Vice President. The obstruction of justice conviction makes Kernell a felon. David Kernall tried to cover up his actions by erasing the hard drive of the computer he used in the crimes. The case is a mistrial on count one, the charge of identity theft. The jury found Kernell not guilty on count 2, the charge of wire fraud. Unauthorized access is a misdemeanor lesser included charge from count three, which accused Kernell of felony unlawful computer access. The jury found Kernell guilty of obstruction of justice. That carries a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison, with a fine up to $250,000.

Report from the Interop Business Technology Conference in Las Vegas

Hot Topics at Interop 2010 Las Vegas: Cloud Computing, Virtualization, IT Security and Risk Management, VoIP and Unified Communications, Mobile Business Communications.  Ira discusses the conference, starting about 11 minutes into episode 133.

Ira spoke with Michael Saitow, CIO of Liquor Distributor, MS Walker;  and Philippe Winthrop, Managing Director, The Enterprise Mobility Foundation, both were panelist on a mobile communications and policy seminar at Interop.

Money laundering operation shut down, as an entrepreneur is indicted:  ACH Transactions Used to move money for internet gambling operations

Another indictment: conspirator in hospital scheme to sell trauma patient medical records to personal injury attorneys.

Credit unions lose almost $2 million to an IT contractor who had unlimited remote access to their networks.


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