May 15, 2010 – Episode 137

Interview Segment – Jason Miller, Data and Security Team Manager for Shavlik Technologies on patch management.  It’s not a sexy topic, but it’s critically important. Jason says patching should be determined by the needs of the business, rather than the importance rating issued by Microsoft or other vendors. The interview is 7 minutes 38 seconds long, and it starts at about 21 minutes into episode 137.

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Our Take on This Week’s News

Privacy: Did Facebook’s Zuckerberg describe early users of his product as  “dumb F**ks” for submitting private information when they signed up?

And Google admits that its Street View cars have been slurping up wireless access point information. There’s a lot of anger over this, and we’re predicting an advertiser backlash against the privacy violators.

As if Goldman Sachs doesn’t have enough problems… Now the company is being sued for intellectual property theft.

Nine  former employees of an education agency in Iowa were indicted for sneaking a peak at Presidential candidate Barack Obama’s student loan records.

A new twist on a familiar theme.  A big company with a security flaw on its website;  a security expert discovers it and tries to report it, but the company ignores him or pats him on the head and tells him to go away.  This happens with surprising regularity. In this case, Smackdown blogger Michael VanDeMer writes about a spate of hacks to blogs hosted by GoDaddy.

Web security firm Dasient reports: In Q1 2010, we estimate that over 720,000 web sites were infected.

Twitter links are safer than Google links.

Critical zero-day flaw found in Apple’s Safari browser.

FAQ:  To delete Apple Safari browser (and other applications) in WindowsXP, in Windows7.

Browser alternatives to Safari on iPhone: Opera Mobil (versions also available for BlackBerry. Ira also like Bolt Browser for BlackBerry.

Flashback: Remember Mikeyy the (self-proclaimed) teenaged Twitter Hacker?


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