June 12, 2010 – Episode 145

You can hear episode 145 of The CyberJungle by clicking on the Flash player below, or go to our listening options page for other ways to listen. Episode 145 is 69 minutes long.

To listen to Episode 145 via the flash player:

Interview Segments:

We talked with Jason Miller from Shavlik about why some businesses are still playing catch-up from the big Patch Tuesday… and about the Adobe Flash flaw that affects just about everyone on the planet.  Check the patch management site for help. The interview starts about 21 minutes into Episode 145.

We also played an interview from earlier this year with David Shroyer from Bank of America.  This is a short excerpt from a longer conversation about the reaction of the financial services industry to the Zeus banking attacks.  The 7-minute segment we aired today  is about the “money mules” who launder cash for cybercriminals.  The mules are generally suckers who fall for the “work at home in your pajamas and make thousands of dollars with your computer” schemes. This interview starts about 56 minutes into Episode 145.

Tales from the Dark Web:

Visitors to adult sites might encounter some naughtiness that has nothing to do with sex. See the BBC story: ‘Shady’ porn site practices put visitors at risk

Show notes:

AT&T web application flaw combines with Apple business model flaw to allow a major hack of iPad user email addresses.  The story was widely told this week. Here’s one version.  There are a lot more angles to this story than the mainstream press has covered.

British Petroleum is in for an e-discovery gusher once the Gulf oil spill litigation begins.  Court orders for documents will follow, and cost of discovery could top $100 million, according to this post.

Adobe Flash and Adobe PDF attack surge.

FIFA 2010 World Cup is inspiring a wave of malicious spam tailored to soccer fans.  Symantec has a good overview of “Crimes Against Football Fans” here.

Google has hired an independent firm to investigate its Street View “snafu,” in which its photographer’s vehicles snarfed up information from thousands of private wifi networks, violating privacy and perhaps breaking the law.  The report from the company’s own investigators suggests criminal intent.

Prepaid cell phones are the last available communication device that offers privacy and anonymity.  But two U.S. Senators would like to put an end to it.  Schumer (NY) and Cornyn (TX) want to register the ID of phone purchasers and require the carriers to keep the data for 18 months after deactivation.

Google expands location tags – and other popular location services are riddled with bugs, according to this report.

Beverly High School students in Boston will be required to have a laptop next fall. But not just any laptop.  Parents will have to shell out $900 for a MacBook.  School administrators say PCs will be incompatible with the school’s network. What?

Our Tether contest – win wireless access for your BlackBerry

Thanks to Tether for providing a generous number of full-value licenses to award as prizes for listeners of The CyberJungle. We love the product, and have given away 10 licenses each in episodes 141 and 143.   You can still enter by sending an email to comments@thecyberjungle.com, and telling us which version of the BlackBerry software you’re running. (Find this by going to “settings ->options->about” on your BB.)  We award the prize to the first ten requests of the week.  Our week runs Saturday-through-Friday. If you win, we ask that you send an acknowledgment once you’ve received your key, so we know you got it. Then we will delete your email, as a gesture of respect for your privacy.

BTW — there is a :60 second Tether commercial in these shows.  We are running them as a thank-you to Tether for the software keys.  We want to acknowledge the people who created some of the components in the spot.  The Free Sound Project is an awesome organization for people like us, whose ears are bigger than our budgets when it comes to production.  The audio effects in the Tether spot cam from the site, and we thank the creative producers who post their work. Especially — someone with the handle kkz who created a file called “t-weak bass” … someone with the handle dland who created a file called “to hell with vinyl”… and someone with the handle Halleck, who created “crash reverse.”  All can be heard in the Tether spot, which airs at approximately 29:50 in episode 143.


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