June 26, 2010 – Episode 149

You can listen to Episode 149 by clicking on the flash player below, or go to our listening options page for a list of other ways to receive the show.  Episode 149 is one hour and 15 minutes long.

To listen to Episode 149 via the flash player:


Your employees will use social media whether you like it or not… and our expert says fully20 percent of current business communication is done via social media. So why not take control of the situation, and create ground rules and guidelines, so you’re in charge of how it’s used?  Our interview with Gartner Research Director Andrew Walls is 8 minutes long and starts about 24 minutes into the show. This is an excerpt. We also posted the entire 25-minute interview on our conference notes page, if you’d like to hear it.

In our interview with Ed Rowley of M86 Security, we discuss a new iPhone scam……… The interview starts 61 minutes into the show.

Tales from the Dark Web

Polymorphic attacks are making the lastest drive-by infected web sites mostly invisible to signature-based anti-virus.

Our Take on This Week’s News

iPhone 4 and Motorola Droid X released in the same week.  Guess which phone won the hype war?  The press coverage of the iPhone release centered on the ecstatic throngs of Apple heads waiting all night on the sidewalk outside the stores.  The Android roundup consisted of dry product reviews and analysis of the platform’s future prospects.

Meanwhile smart phone security is a hot topic, and Ira just returned from the Gartner Security and Risk Management Summit, where there was a comprehensive session on the subject.

Speaking of phones… congress is holding hearings on cellphone tracking of citizens by government.

Employers are in denial about the sensitive information that lives on the laptops and smart phones of their employees. Listen to our interview with Kevin Beaver of Principle Logic, who found an interesting gap between perception and reality while he was conducting security audits.  The interview is just over 4 minutes long, taped at the Gartner conference. Look for it on our conference notes page.

Scotland Yard cuffs teens alleged to be participants in the largest English-speaking cybercrime forum in the world.

Lawyers breach medical records during discovery. Anthem spokesperson says, not to worry, the data was only accessible for a short period of time.  Thank goodness!

FBI released information about a new approach to banking attacks with a simultaneous denial of service attack on the account holdder’s phone lines.  Very complicated.

Happy Birthday to George Orwell.  His influence cannot be understated.  He would have been 107 years old on June 25, 201o.


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