July 11, 2010 – Episode 153

You can hear episode 153 by clicking on the Flash player below, or if your device does not support Flash, you can visit our  listening options page for other ways to receive the show. Episode 153 is one hour and 15 minutes long.


Gunter Ollman from Damballa offers a preview of his Black Hat Briefings presentation to be given in Las Vegas at the end of the month.  “Becoming the Six Million Dollar Man” will discuss how cybercriminals get filthy rich using other people’s computers. Gunter’s interview is about 10 minutes long, and it begins 22 minutes into the episode.

Tony Flick, Principal at Fyrm Associates and Justin Morehouse, speaking for himself, (not his company,) discuss what will happen as the smart meters “goes social.”  Smart grid proponents are promoting the idea of networking the smart grid with social networking accounts

Speaking of the smart grid, this story says Maryland public utilities regulators sent Baltimore’s power company back to the drawing board last month, with a rejection of its smart grid plan.  The public objection, as in most cases, was based on cost to ratepayers rather than any security or privacy issues.

Our take on this week’s news

Top story –  soldier charged with theft of secret DOD files

Meanwhile, Congresswoman Jane Harmon has open, unencrypted WiFi at her home. (p.s. she’s a senior member of the Homeland Security Committee, and Chair of its Intelligence and Terrorism Risk Assessment Subcommittee)

Automakers working with silicon valley to create “connected car”

NSA Perfect Citizen – Big Brother has arrived.

Swiss Bank security guy steals customer data… offers it to tax authorities.

Survey- ex employees and IT staff are snooping on business

Game publisher Blizzard announces a real ID program for World of Warcraft forum…. No more screen names. But the market spoke, and the company withdrew the plan.

Airport body scanners will be the primary security check at U.S. airports.


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