July 18, 2010- Episode 155

You can hear episode 155 by clicking on the Flash player below, or if your device does not support Flash, you can visit our  listening options page for other ways to receive the show. Episode 155 is one hour and 14 minutes long.


Jeff Bryner from pOwnlabs offers a preview of his DefCon presentation to be given in Las Vegas at the end of the month.  “Google Toolbar – The NARC Within” — how the tool bar spies on you. Jeff”s  interview is about 9 minutes long, and it begins 22 minutes into the episode.

Penetration Tester David Bryan, speaking for himself, (not his company,) will also present at DefCon —  “Cloud Computing as a Weapon of Mass Destruction.” His interview is just over 9 minutes long and begins at about 54 minutes into the episode.

Our Take on This Week’s News

The state of Utah is investigating the origins of a 29-page list of personally identifying information belonging to more than a thousand people the leakers say are illegal immigrants receiving benefits from the taxpayers.  This topic stirred up the immigration issue on the talk shows, but we’re interested in these questions:  What was the data access policy — who had access to this data and for what purpose? And should there be a set of guidelines for ethical whistleblowing (if that’s what the leakers were trying to do) where electronically stored information is involved?

The Bureau of Motor Vehicles in the state of Ohio is selling personal information about its licensed drivers.  For some reason, the primary beef is that the state isn’t making enough money selling the identities of its citizens.

NSA whistleblower facing 35 years in prison

Bank Account Takeover Attack Now Mimicking Credit Card SecureCode Systems

New  zero day Attack using USB drives. There is a Microsoft advisory for dealing with it.

Bluetooth is making it easier for cybercriminals to steal debit card numbers at the gas pump.

Google get patent on technology that monitors on your mouse movements as it relates to search results. And Google is becoming quite an established presence on Capitol Hill.

Photos taken with certain camera-enabled devices can reveal you location with geotags attached to the metadata.  Mayhemic Labs has scanned a couple of million photo links on Twitter, and was able to pinpoint location of the user in about three percent of them.  Then they created icanstlku.com to prove it.

Chinese Cyber Army presentation pulled at BlackHat under pressure from Taiwan.


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