July 31, 2010 – Episode 159

You can hear episode 159 by clicking on the Flash player below, or if your device does not support Flash, you can visit our  listening options page for other ways to receive the show. Episode 159 is one hour and 9 minutes long.


Interview #1 – Jeremiah Grossman, CEO of White Hat Security,  discovered an odd security flaw in the Apple Safari Browser. Alas, he tried to notify Apple, only to be rebuffed. He posted the story on his blog, and he decided to go public at Black Hat, and just about the time we finished this interview with him, Apple acknowledged the problem.  Fix pending.  Hear an overview of Jeremiah’s presentation in Episode 159. It’s 11 minutes long, starting about 12 minutes into the show.

Interview #2 – Mickey Boodaei, CEO of security firm Trusteer, has been hard at work on the banking trojan problem, and they’ve got a problem that may help. We discuss it with him in Episode 159. It’s 10 minutes long, starting at 55:00.

Tales from the dark web

Mariposa Botnet facilitator arrested. (You may remember that Panda Security was on top of Mariposa months ago, as we reported in this interview from the RSA Security Conference2010.)

Our take on this week’s news:

Virulent Microsoft link attack affects just about everyone. The prediction is that this one will be big. UPDATE: MICROSOFT ISSUES EMERGENCY PATCH

A really insulting  psychological profile of iPad users. The only thing they left out is that iPad users pull the whiskers off kittens.

Krebs on security writes about the victims of scareware – they end up buying the stuff, and then they’re embarrassed to go to the police. Good piece

Banks have long since stopped moving paper checks from one location to another, preferring the economy of scanning. What if someone broke into the digital repository where they store all those pictures of checks?… Someone did.


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