October 10, 2010- Episode 179

Episode 179:

This week’s regular episode of  The Cyberjungle  is 1 hour and 20 minutes long. You can hear it by clicking on the flash player below, or you can go to the listening options page and browse for other ways to hear the show.

To listen to Episode 179 via the flash player:


Kevin Johnson is a security researcher with Secure Ideas. We met him in  September at the SANS network security conference in Las Vegas, where he discussed the challenges of integrating social network users into a business environment. Kevin’s  interview is 8 minutes long, and it begins about 26 minutes into Episode 179.

Tales from the Dark Web

A Nigerian record producer and part-time cybercriminal is on the FBI’s most wanted list. You probably won’t see this guy at the Grammys this year.

Our Take on This Week’s News

Free on bail – A contractor who did some work for Fannie Mae is looking at a maximum 10-year prison sentence after planting a malware bomb that would have brought down 5,ooo servers had it not been discovered. Lessons about the importance of logs, and keeping track of which employer is responsible for “passthrough” employees.

Peeing in a cup is so 1990s – When there’s a company that will crawl through your social network to help your employer discover who you really are. Psychological profile, criminal tendencies, gratuitous use of slang popularized by drug culture, you name it.

No such thing as cyberbullying –  So says blogger Anil Dash, who argues that the word has been invented to help parents, school administrators, and the media duck responsibility for teaching kids civil behavior.

Golddigger falls for own husband posing as rich guy –  And he found out where his golddigging wife was living, after she took off with their son. His scheme – posing on Facebook as someone she would find “attractive” (i.e. wealthy). Father and son are reunited.

Sophisticated payment card terminal breach- Hardware hacks are posing a bigger cybercrime problem these days.  This attack was geographically widespread, suggesting the bad guys actually went into grocery stores in 11 states, distracted the employees, and changed out the payment terminals.

Dead people can now vote online – Online voting is not ready for prime time, as this mock election in Washington D.C. revealed.  What a mess!  The good news – they actually tested the system before they forced voters to use it. The bad news – they wait until four weeks before the election to do the test.

I like to watch –  Dallas kicks off the iwatch program.

We’ve dished out plenty of  iPhone criticism – but it turns out the BlackBerry has a killer flaw.

Hey, we’ve been looking for that – Mechanic discovers FBI tracking device while working on a car belonging to an American student of Egyptian descent.  Zaniness ensues.


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