October 24, 2010 – Episode 183

Episode 183:

This week’s regular episode of  The Cyberjungle  is 1 hour and 18 minutes long. You can hear it by clicking on the flash player below, or you can go to the listening options page and browse for other ways to hear the show.

To listen to Episode 183 via the flash player:


Joe Levy, Chief Technical Officer with  Solera Networks, stops by to discuss the Zeus Trojan variant that’s making its way around the IRS offices.  Joe’s  interview is 6 minutes long, and it begins about 25 minutes into Episode 183.

Tales from the Dark Web

If cybercrime were a disease, it would be a pandemic and the whole world would be sick. So says a report from Kroll and The Economist Intelligence Unit

Our Take on This Week’s News

School bus surveillance cams – School buses equipped with traffic cams.  It’s an experiment in a Maryland school district, where officials say the little darlings are in more danger as they alight from the bus than any other time, although no child in Maryland has ever been hit while alighting from a school bus.

Insurance companies view social networkers as burglary risks – Duh.  A survey by an insurance trade group indicates a significant number of Facebook and Twitter post their locations, and it’s worth considering whether to reflect this in their insurance rates.

And while we’re ragging on Facebook – Are gay users of Facebook being outed to advertisers for targeted product marketing? Duh again.

Ten oreos, two handfuls of fritos, a pint of Ben and Jerry’s – Are you aware that when you make use of web tools that allow you to keep track your personal behavior, that information could become discoverable in court? (Diet websites come to mind.)

Participants wanted– A new project to monitor BlackBerry traffic as it is sent from various countries. The results will help researchers and users understand what’s happening to the communications as RIM is pressured to cooperate with repressive governments.

More BlackBerry news –  The how and why of BlackBerry eavesdropping, and why it might not be what you think.

A new tool for good guys,- And bad guys, parents, employers, forensic investigators, and everyone who needs to keep tabs on someone.  ElcomSoft tool cracks web browser passwords.

CyberJungle FAQ

Shockwave Zero-day Attack In the Wild

Fake Microsoft Security Essentials Attack


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