Pwn2Own Update: Charlie Miller Changes Course, Now Headed to “Hacker” Contest

Charlie Miller has changed his mind and he will now attend CanSecWest and the Pwn2Own contest. CyberJungle Radio just talked with Charlie Miller, the only three times in a row winner of the CanSecWest “hacker conference.” The CyberJungle broke the story last week that Charlie had decided to stay home this year, due to a disagreement over the contest rules.  CyberJungle Radio is running an interview with Charlie Miller on Episode 203. Following the posting of that interview, Charlie Miller told CyberJungle Radio that he has changed course again, and he will now attend the conference. Although he still disagrees with the rules, for the good of the security community, he has decided to attend this week’s events in Vancouver, British Columbia. Charlie said that he did not speak with the conference organizer regarding his decision.


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