May 16, 2011 – Episode 213

Episode 212 of  The CyberJungle is about 38 minutes long.  You can hear it by clicking on the flash player below. You may download the file directly – great for listening on many smartphones. Or, you may go to the listening options page and browse for other ways to hear the show. The first interview start at about the 9min mark lasts about 11min. The second interview starts at about the 25min mark, and it’s about 12 minutes long.

To listen to Episode 212 via the flash player:


Scott Cleland, author of  Search and Destroy, Why You Can’t Trust Google Inc.  And for the other links mentioned in the interview, look on the right column here.

Alyn Hockey, Director of Product Management at security firm Clearswift. Here is their blog.

Our Take on The Week’s News

PCI Compliance Risks for Small Merchants and where they are failing: Excellent summary, with actionable information, from Brian Pennington’s blog about IT security and compliance.

Additional Information Mentioned On The Show

TechEd Atlanta 2011:  Large Microsoft technical conference

CEIC Forensics Conference: Digital Investigations Show, Orlando, Florida

AccessData 2011 Las VegasDigital Forensics Conference


One Response to “May 16, 2011 – Episode 213”

  1. […] Cleland, author of the book, Search and Destroy, Why You Can’t Trust Google Inc., spoke with the CyberJungle in May 2011 about Google’s privacy […]

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