October 31, 2011 – Episode 236

Episode 236  of  The CyberJungle is about 29 minutes long.  You can hear it by clicking on the flash player below. The interview begins at about 13min. You may download the file directly – great for listening on many smartphones. Or, you  may go to the listening options page and browse for other ways to hear the show.

To listen to Episode 236 via the flash player:


The author of Black Hawk Down, Mark Bowden. The CyberJungle talk about his new book, Worm: The First Digital World War.

Our Take On This Week’s News

Researchers find major security holes in the Amazon cloud. Read more at h-online.com .

Ubuntu Linux for ARM heads to smartphones/tablets. Read more at ZDnet

Tales From The Dark Web

Spam scams behind the mask of a legitimate looking network news site. Here is the link, but DO NOT go there on a non-high security system, there may be malware on this domain, as it appears to be controlled by spammer: http://www.news13i.com/ [Cut and paste at your own risk]


John McCarthy, who some have called the Godfather of PKI,  1927-2011 . Read more at the MIT Press Log


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