April 4, 2012, Episode 253, Show Notes

Episode 253 of The CyberJungle is about 23 minutes long.  You can hear it by clicking on the flash player below. We are in a temporary studio, as the main studio undergoes an upgrade. We apologize for the weaker audio quality. You may download the file directly – great for listening on many smartphones. Or, you may go to the listening options page and browse for other ways to hear the show.

To listen to Episode 253 via the flash player:


From ISC West conference 2012, we talk with Kevin Kjosa, Assistant Director, The Center for Infrastructure Assurance at UT Austin

Tales From The Dark Web

On a break as we transition to a new studio

Our Take on This Weeks News

Cell Phone Location Tracking Public Records Request, from the ACLU

ATT violating its own policy when selling data to LE?

OnStar Lets You [and Law Enforcement] Track You and Your Spouse

Apple [Dropbox, box.net, others,] holds the master decryption key when it comes to….security, privacy


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