RSA Conference 2015: Opening Keynotes, Tuesday April 21st 2015

The Opening Keynotes for RSA Conference 2015 seemed like a safe bet, if judged by the lines to get into the Keynote auditorium at Moscone Center in San Francisco. The CyberJungle showed up early, and encountered a massive line, of people, grabbing a “brown bag” breakfast of a ham and egg sandwich. So, we skipped that line, grabbed a bite nearby and came back to just see the keynotes.

Just at the moment it was our turn in line to enter, the security people said the room just hit capacity, and The CyberJungle had to view the keynotes in an overflow room filled with a massive video display.

While the technology in that room was great, the keynotes were a snore. Jane Lynch from Glee was doing a sing and dance number that was more appropriate for a G-rated MTV Music award performance, backup singers included.  Snore.

The opening Keynote by RSA Head Honcho Amit Yoran had some good nuggets about the transformation of security into everything around us (think Internet of Things, Smart Cars, etc), there was still a lot of marketing fluff over computer science substance.

‘Whit’ Diffie, one of the Godfather’s of crypto was in a panel, and didn’t dissapoint with his insights into the future of crypto.

Overall, The CyberJungle wishes for more substance and less sizzle in next year’s opening keynotes.


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