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Dec 10 2015, Episode 375 Show Notes

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Episode 375 of The CyberJungle is about 29 minutes long. The interview with Tomer Bitton, of enSilo begins at about 11min.  You may download the file directly – great for listening on many smartphones. Or, you may go to the listening options page and browse for other ways to hear the show.

To listen to Episode 375 via the flash player:


Tomer Bitton, co-founder of enSilo on a potential security flaw in many AV products.

Links from the segment:

enSilo technical blog posting about the flaw
High-level blog posting about the flaw on the enSilo site
The Vulnerability Checker Software Tool on github


Our Take on This Week’s News

* Another Linksys WiFi router 0day

* VTECH breach; Security flaws baked-in


Tales from The Dark Web

Malware by-passes AV via early boot


No time for the wrap this epsisode

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Nov 16th 2010 Episode 374 Show Notes

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Due a technical problem, the show notes for this episode are temporarily unavailable. We apologize for the inconvenience.