May 30, 2016 Episode 380, Show Notes

Episode 380 of The CyberJungle is about 38 minutes long.  The interview with Heather Mahalik, Sr. SANS Instructor begins at 8:00.  The interview with Arron Higbee, CTO of Phishme, begins at 17:50. The interview with David Cowen begins at 28:50.  You may download the file directly – great for listening on many smartphones. Or, you may go to the listening options page and browse for other ways to hear the show.

To listen to Episode 380 via the flash player:


Heather Mahalik, Sr. SANS Instructor, Senior Scientist, Ocean’s Edge, and Author of Practical Mobile Forensics 2nd Edition

Arron Higbee, CTO Phisme, and contributor to the Phisme Blog

David Cowen, Author Hacking Exposed, Computer Forensics, hecf blog site, The Learn Forensics site on YouTube .


Ira’s Take on Enfuse 2016

Leveraging Multiple Skills to Analyze Evidence

Changing the Dialogue about Preservation and Spoliation

Creating Human-Friendly Security and Privacy Systems



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One Response to “May 30, 2016 Episode 380, Show Notes”

  1. […] A new episode of The Cyber Jungle podcast was released this week with the host Ira Victor giving his thoughts on Enfuse 2016, as well as conversations with Heather Mahalik, Aarong Higbee and David Cowen. Heather covered the general philosophy of improvement; identifying where your weaknesses lie and reaching out to others for help. Aaron from PhishMe discusses phishing and the issues faced by organisations. And lastly David talked through the challenges and benefits of Windows 10 for forensic examiners. Apparently Cortana is a wealth of information with location tracking on by default, as well as a record of the audio searches performed, including the SSID and MAC addresses of the routers that the device is connected to. David also mentioned that the System Resource Usage Monitor may also be an important artefact in the future. I’m quite interested to see the changes in LNK file creation/existance and will have to do a bit of research on that. Lastly David mentioned the issue with Hibernation file decoding for the new format. There was a tool, HIBR2BIN,that purported to do it, however a colleague of mine had a look at it and said that it didn’t successfully convert the file. May 30, 2016 Episode 380, Show Notes  […]

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