This is the Show Notes and Blog site for The CyberJungle, the news and talk on security, privacy and the law. The CyberJungle is co-hosted by information security and forensic analyst Ira Victor, and award winning journalist Samantha Stone. The CyberJungle began in 2008 as The Data Security Podcast, and steadily grew via word-of-mouth.

In January 2010, the show moved to Citadel Broadcasting’s KKOH.com, and 780AM-KOH radio. As part of that switch, we became The CyberJungle.   We still post a podcast version of the show every week, and we also post ‘su root’ episodes [‘su’ and ‘su root’ are commands that give a user “god” rights to certain systems]. Su root episodes will cover longer, more technical in-depth topics.

Please visit our main web site: www.TheCyberJungle.com

On that site you can learn more about:

* The CyberJungle program

* How to listen to the program live on the web, via a podcast, or on the radio

* How to contact us

Click on the image above to go to Ira's Twitter feed

Click on the image above to go to Ira's Twitter feed

* How to become a sponsor of The CyberJungle

Ira Victor, Co-Host of The CyberJungle, Tweets with relevant information about security, privacy and the law, with links to interesting news stories. Ira will also send Tweets with information on upcoming show topics, and upcoming guests.

You can find Ira’s Twitter page on: http://twitter.iravictor.net or once you are logged into Twitter, follow Ira: @ira_victor .

Thanks for visiting the Show Notes and Blog site for The CyberJungle.

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