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Show Notes: The CyberJungle Episodes 105 and 104- Jan 23 2010

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This week’s features-

Interview with Joe Grand, electrical engineer, hardware hacker and proprietor of Grand Idea Studio. Ira and Joe discuss hardware hacking.  Hobbyists, researchers, and innovators are modifying electronic devices in greater numbers

The 23-minute  interview (too long for radio) is posted by itself as episode 104. There’s a partial version of the interview contained in the show,  episode 105 of theCyberJungle.

Hardware Hacking Extra:  Cell phone as vehicle starter- We got quite a few comments about this. visit: “Dave Hacks, Well, not really hack, but I definitely ‘modify’ things.”

AND —  You probably didn’t know this, but Thursday January 28 is International Data Privacy Day. Does the market reward  businesses that protect customer privacy? There must be some reward, because there’s growing field of certified privacy professionals… and their organization has thousands of members.

PLUS — Our take on this week’s news:

A new generation of card skimmers. Photos below.

Source: and Mikko Hypponen:

Could you detect the ATM card skimmer here?

Pin-hole camera to capture PIN numbers

Indonesian Police Intensifying Efforts To Investigate ATM Scams

Data hung out to dry as 4,500 USBs are left in Dry Cleaners

Microsoft Patches IE, Admits it Knew of Bug Last August: As Microsoft patched the Internet Explorer zero-day …

Emergency IE patch goes live as exploits proliferate: Hundreds of sights locked and loaded

80% of gov’t Web sites miss DNS security deadline

Microsoft confirms 17-year-old Windows bug

Poisoned PDF pill used to attack US military contractors

NTSB recommends camera surveillance in train locomotives, after investigating a crash that killed 25. The engineer was texting and using his cell phone at the time of the crash. The union representing train engineers has objected to the recommendation on privacy grounds. Salient fact in the story – the texting engineer had 5 reprimands in his personnel file, issued over a two-and-a-half year period.  Now the feds should install cameras to watch ALL engineers (including the ones who follow the rules) just because railroad management failed to fire the loose cannon in their ranks?

And Microsoft pushes congress for a cloud computing law.