Lame Excuses

Lame Excuses, meaningless comments, stupid mistakes, and more…

Nov 23rd, 2009 Update

-> Commissioner Lawrence Weekly, chairman of the [University Medical Center of Las Vegas] hospital’s board of trustees, told the [Las Vegas] Sun that he was warned almost two weeks ago by “several credible people” that someone was leaking private patient information to an outside attorney. But Weekly did not report the information to anyone at UMC because he was not familiar with the HIPAA laws — which include penalties of up to $250,000 in fines and 10 years in jail. [Emphasis added.]

This is amazing, Mr. Weekly is the Chairman of The Board of Trustees of a Hospital in a large US City,  and 13 years after the HIPAA law is passed,  he is unfamiliar with this law? Hat Tip to The Las Vegas Sun newspaper.

May 18, 2009 Update

->Yet another lame quote this week from the Governor of Virginia about the $10 million ransom hack of the state’s prescription database.  Maybe the Governor should just stop talking about this.”There was a lot of security on this database,” Kaine said. “It was not easy to get into. It was a very sophisticated effort to do it. But that means we’ve got to create more sophisticated security, and we take that very seriously.”

May 11, 2009 Update:

-> Lame Excuses and meaningless comments from the State of Virginia after Hackers demanded a $10 million ransom for a stolen database containing citizen prescriptions – 5/8/09Washington Post

“This was an intentional criminal act against the commonwealth by somebody who was trying to harm others,” Gov. Timothy M. Kaine (D) said. “There are breaches that happen by accident or glitches that you try to work out. It’s difficult to foil every criminal that may want to do something against you.”

State officials say they have no evidence that any personal information is at risk, but they recommend that anyone concerned about possible identity theft keep track of personal financial statements and periodically review credit reports.

-> Lame Excuses and stupid mistakes from UC Berkely Officials after Overseas Hackers breached medical clinic databases 05-08-09 SF Chronicle:

Investigators suspect that the hackers accessed a public Web site and then bypassed additional secured databases stored on the same server, Waggener said. But investigators have not determined how sophisticated the operation was.

Waggener said that although the data should have been better protected, “we are an open network. We are an open campus.”

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