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Feb 8, 2011 – Episode 199

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Episode 199 of  The CyberJungle  is 27 minutes long.  You can hear it by clicking on the flash player below. You may download the file directly – great or listening on many smartphones. Or, you may go to the listening options page and browse for other ways to hear the show. The interview is about 8 minutes long and it starts at about the 17:30 mark.

To listen to Episode 199 via the flash player:


Google Tracks You…We Don’t” – A new web site takes on Google, by NOT tracking you. We talk with Gabriel Weinberg of .

Tales From The Dark Web

Milwaukee has beer, San Jose has software, and Las Vegas has Casinos. In our Tales from the Dark Web segment, we tell you about a city where the #1 industry is CyberCrime.

Our Take on The Week’s News

Judge orders juror to reveal private Facebook postings in California criminal case

What NASDAQ is and isn’t saying about another high-profile cyber attack

Surge in Adobe PDF attacks impacting Windows, Mac and Linux users

Texas AG pushes for new anti-sexting law – but with a twist

Ira heads to RSA San Francisco 2011. Ira will post reports in Conference Notes. Reports sponsored by LogLogic – The IT Data Management company. Meet Ira in the LogLogic booth #828 during Tuesday night’s RSA pub crawl and drink some Travis Smith’s 510 nano-brew, served fresh in the booth.

September 12, 2010- Episode 171

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Episode 171:

This week’s regular episode of  The Cyberjungle  is 1 hour and 14 minutes long. You can hear it by clicking on the flash player below, or you can go to the listening options page and browse for other ways to hear the show.

To listen to Episode 171 via the flash player:


Nathan Burchfiel from the Center for Media and Culture. Topic: The Craigslist Adult Services section takedown.  Ira mentioned this story on the topic by Nathan Burchfiel’s associate, Alana Goodman.

Tales from the Dark Web

Remember the “please rob me” and the “i can stalk you” sites designed to point out the folly of broadcasting your whereabouts?  The petty criminals have discovered the target-rich environments provided by Foursquare, Facebook, Twitter and others that have an integrated location-based service. Read more here from the New Hampshire Union Leader newspaper.

Our Take on This Week’s News

Is a Cyber Jihad group linked to ‘Here You have’ worm?

An appeals court in Virginia upholds warrantless GPS tracking of criminal suspects.  The issue has been appealed three times, with different outcomes.  The D.C. Circuit Court decided against law enforcement, and San Francisco’s Ninth Circuit recently upheld it in a decision that drew a blistering dissent. Supreme Court in 2011? Probably.

Will Andriod will replace Windows? One Security Start-up is betting the farm on it.

Law enforcement in North Carolina wants to rifle through your medicine cabinet, virtually speaking, as the sheriff requests access to a state database of prescriptions.

Adobe Reader zero day attack contains a scary new booby-trap impacting all computer users.

A new survey by anti-virus maker Norton examines the emotional impact of cycbercrime, calling it a “silent epidemic” that’s affected two-thirds of internet users around the globe.

The cybercriminal shopping list… it’s not that expensive to get into the business.

CyberJungle FAQ

After upgrading her business computers, Claire wants to know if she can continue to use her old clunkers safely for web-based activity. Ira recommends, or

Robert wants an alternative to Adobe PDF products.  Adobe PDF Reader and Acrobat alternatives: , , and gPDF.

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To Win A Netbook

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Data Security Podcast Episode 66, Aug 17 2009

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30 minutes every week on data security, privacy, and the law….(plus or minus five)

On this week’s program:

* Like stealing candy from a baby….is Adobe making it that easy for attackers to get into computers?

* The Clampi Trojan is cleaning out bank accounts, and AV usually doesn’t see it.

* Researcher says that Palm is acting like Big Brother, tracking its users.

* Our take on this week’s news.

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Show Notes for Episode 66 of the Data Security Podcast

* Conversation: Ira talks with Joe Stewart. Technical Director of Malware Research at SecureWorks about the Clampi/Ligats/Ilomo Trojan.  AV usually won’t see it, and targets bank account log-ins, insurance log-ins, and other log-ins that allow attackers to steal.

* Tales From The Dark Web: Security researchers at Trustee are claiming that attacks in the wild targeting unpatched Adobe Flash and Adobe PDF Reader are appearing. And Adobe is making the problem worse. Read the report, and then see what happens when you check the patch level of a system using Adobe’s own Flash version checker. This attack impacts Windows, Mac, Linux and Solaris usres.

*From the News:  Sheriff’s Office explains why it took over county computers

*From the News: Fake Search Engines for Twitter, from Karthik at BlogrPro.

* From the News:  Joey Hess wrote a blog posting where he reveals that Palm is acting like Big Brother to PalmPre users.  Deter Bahn wrote a related posting with more information.

*From the News: Mac OS Trojan.  Read the posting,  and blacklist the .com domain names that are listed here.

Mac Trojan called Mac Cinema

Mac Trojan called "Mac Cinema" - Looks Legit, Doesn't It? Well, it's not.